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Since this entry is to be open (public) I’ll write sort of…“general” review and put carefully chosen pictures. Pity though for the best what is there will remain… hidden (except for those who will venture into fandom ;P).


There are lots of stories and couples in BL genre I really like. I feel almost bad not having a chance to mention at least few of them, but since it has to be one pair I choose


Riki and Iason  from  Ai no Kusabi  ( 間の楔 )


Original characters from novel written by Yoshihara Rieko, for most fans they made their debut in very successful OVA and instantly become popular pairing for numerous fanfictions.
Unfortunately never made into manga, but I found several DJ’s on net, to my knowledge only one of them is (fan) translated in English :(

 Presented in sci-fi milieu story is depicting impossible liaison and harsh reality and life on planet whose habitant are divided in strict casts and ruled by AI…

Main protagonists are Iason Mink, member of the highest cast,  made by AI for purpose of serving and protecting his maker and Riki, member of the lowest cast, human, who is trying to break trough firm barriers of society and move up on the social ladder.

Accidental meeting was all it took to move waves of unfortunate events…

For sake of those who haven’t ssw OVA or read novels I’ll skip the detailed description, but I can tell for certain, those who like to read novels and dare to dive into this one will be rewarded with multi layered and complex story and characters.


I hope this is not against rules,  I just want to give to future potential readers a bit of “taste” from original novel:

From Riki’s POV

...His captor was a good had taller than himself, if not more so. He peered down at Riki from commanding height...

...His exceeding attractiveness awakened in Riki an almost instinctual fear. A countenance so flawless, unforgiving, and sagacious that the word "elite" fit him perfectly. There was a touch of callousness - even cruelty - about him that coursed through Riki like an electric shock.
              Together with the luxuriant golden hair that symbolized his supreme authority, his was a beauty that all but forced others to bow down before him. For there stood a God of Beauty that maintained about himself an inviolable sense of dignity that defied the ordinary definition of arrogance.
              There stood Iason Mink.



From Iason’s POV

As android bioengineered from the distilled essence of a biological brain, Iason knew that he shouldn’t experiencing that. But the faint pulse of something called “emotion” would not disappear.

 … at times he felt the hunger that reason could not contain. Did he want Riki more than he can bear? Is there one among us who wouldn’t envy such a glittering soul?”
Roaring with anger and denying everything was easy—but Iason has opened a door he could no longer shut. His impulses killed reason. Iason was already aware that somewhere within him, however faintly, he had been endowed with the instincts of an ordinary human.


Pictures are from OVA (1992)


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