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It’s no secret I think “Game of Thrones” HBO show is not doing justice to the books. They (producers) just fallow the money, that’s the reality and after some comments GRR Martin gave… well seems he don’t have other option but “agree” (in order to get things done) with changes although imo it drastically change the story and to some extent “ruins” characters.

As always, we do see things with “different” eyes, so you’re free to disagree with me :)

While I was commenting today in   [info]sansaxsandor  about HBO casting I thought I might as well do it here too, with pictures to support my “vision” lol

About Sandor Clegane for example; while I really like Rory MC Cann, and his figure (big frame) is ideal for this role, his face is not. I'll leave acting and getting in character aside because frankly, they cut him out great deal from story so far, he appears now and then looking not fierce and angry but depressed and detached… his exchange with Sansa bear minimum, looking almost totally unimportant, although GRRM spent lots of “paper” on him.

Anyway this is the picture I always though is closest to Sandor I pictured in my head.

And this is the actor who look very much like that, Richard Armitage (glad he was mentioned on comm. today) although smaller than Rory, he could build up some mass and correct that :)

And while we are about cast I always thought for the most characters (not all !) Richard Komarck really captured them perfectly (from GRRM description)

So here is beautiful Knight of Flowers - Sir Loras Tyrell

And even our villain(?) Sir Jamie Lanister :)

Not Kormack but still great Bronn

Now, after this, how can you settle with existing casting? :)

Of course, some of the acters are just fine (how I imagined characters); Ned, Benjen and Arya Stark, Syrio Forel, Tiwin and Tyrion Lanister, Jeor and Jorah Mormont, Sam Tarly…

What I really dislikes are clumsy and distasteful sex scenes (seems in Westeros there is only one position you can do it (while it should be Dothraki’s “thing”)… and making Rose (the whore) appears too many times and spent valuable time that could be used for the sake of story and not servicing male viewers :(


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