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"The North American manga publisher Viz Media announced at its Yaoi-Con panel on Saturday that it will launch its SuBLime boys-love manga imprint with the digital release of Tarako Kotobuki's Love Pistols (Sex Pistols) and Haruka Minami's Danna-sama to Mitsugetsuchū this December.

The worlwide imprint is a partnership with the Japanese companies ANIMATE and Libre Publishing. SuBLime will offer manga digitally on the website SuBLimeManga.com, with a download-to-own option for many titles. The imprint will then offer selected titles in print starting next summer."


Now, since I’m personally not interested in digital copies I was really delighted with prospects there will be few actual paper copies of popular manga. It will be first opportunity to buy some Naono Bohra’s - “Three Wolves Mountain” and I really wanted to have at least one of her mangas, also one of my favorites from Shiuko Kano – “Punch Up”!!!

SuBLime's print lineup will launch with the following titles:

Three Wolves Mountain
By Bohra Naono

Spring 2012

Hachimitsu Darling
By Norikazu Akira

Spring 2012

Punch Up Volume 1
By Shiuko Kano

Summer 2012

Aitsu no Daihonmei Volume 1
By Suzuki Tanaka

Summer 2012

These are the titles we should expect in spring/summer next year!
… if Mayan people are totally in wrong this time… *wink* there is something actually nice waiting for me/us in spring :)
Only wory/concern left for me - if these titles will be available trough BookDepository?
They have Viz Media releases, so...  :)

LJ mini-rant:
I couldn’t copy-paste in rich editor, nor I can copy text from here?! Also, I can’t upload pics from my comp… *annoyed*

Thanks for nothing LJ, yeah no problems at all… (lj status) :(

Link for additional info and other digital releases to be :

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